Thanks to the internet, the available information on Ayahuasca is almost endless.
I encourage you to do your own research. Here are a some interesting videos that
I’ve stumbled across after doing the ceremony:

Visionary artist Alex Grey talking about his Ayahuasca experience
“What better way to root ourselves back into the web of nature and compassion for this web of life than through the plants themselves? The plants are talking to us, we need to listen!”

Sting’s Ayahuasca experience
“I was wired to the entire cosmos!”

Morning after first Ayahuasca experience
“Holy fuck! Last night was one of the most transformative experiences of my life. It was literally a miracle… It changed my life and I’m so grateful for it!”

Dr Charles Grob on the long term affects of Ayahuasca
“Sometimes it’s the most painful psychological experience during an Ayahuasca session which can have the greatest positive dividend, in the sense that it becomes informative to individuals and pushes them to look at what they might otherwise not have been willing to look at and force them to make changes in their life which they desperately need to make.”

Graham Hancock on Ayahuasca
“We are surrounded all the time by a vast invisible reality.”
“I am grateful to Ayhuasca for showing me where I’ve been doing things wrong.”

LondonReal, Back from the dead – 1 hour podcast
“A lot of what happened to me, and I’m sure it’s the same for you, is beyond words!”

Short documentary about Ayahuasca
“This path of working with this medicine isn’t an easy path and I’d say that it requires committment and it requires tenacity and bravery.”