The author

My name is CLAUS MIKOSCH, I’m a German author and photographer working in both Germany and the South of Spain. After finishing school I travelled around the world for a while, studied homeopathy for 4 years in England and finally ended up in Andalucía where my daughter was born at the beginning of the millenium. Over the last years I’ve started to follow in the footsteps of my great-grandfather, a German writer and poet.

Once a month I write a blog about our changing times –

I’ve written several books, some in German and some in English. Here’s a selection:

When I don’t write, take photos, listen to patients, look after my garden or hang out with my daughter, I enjoy making mixes and occasionally I work as a DJ – so if you crave some good music, check out MR MIKOSCH!

Contact: info (at) clausmikosch (dot) com